What is EE Supplements?

What is EE Supplements?



Today we wanted to introduce ourselves. We are Everyday Essentials (or EE) Supplements!

Simply said, we are a Montreal based supplement company started by three friends! We are the only Montreal based supplement company, and in that we take pride.

We wish to deliver the highest quality supplements with highest quality ingredients to everyone worldwide! 

Why choose EE Supplements?

 Well for starters, we have a range of supplements.

Protein: "Everyday Protein" has no fillers or additives, making it the cleanest iso/whey on the market.

MultivitaminWhat makes our "Everyday Vitamin" different  from others on the market?

- "Everyday Vitamin" contains a special "Immune blend" which helps strengthen your immune system. Promoting good immune health is something we (EE Supplements) take very serious, especially with COVID-19 & with the winter season approaching. 

- "Everyday Vitamin" contains fruit antioxidants which helps give you a natural boost of energy.

If you wish to see our other supplements, make sure to check out our product catalog on eesupplements.com

This is why you should trust us

- All our products are Third-Party Tested.

- GMP Certified. (good manufacturing practice) This ensures you that our facility is clean and meets excellent working standards.

- FDA Approved. All our products have been inspected by the FDA, this means all our products meet all health & food regulations.


Stay tuned as we will be delivering weekly blogs to you all with more information on all our products as well as health and fitness tips!


Thank you, The EE team

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