How we started EE Supplements.

How we started EE Supplements.



Today we wanted to introduce ourselves. We are EE Supplements (Everyday Essentials)

 Simply said, we are a Montreal based supplement company that was co-founded by two individuals, "Nick & Jesse". At the time "Nick" was a big gym-goer and was approached by "Jesse's" younger brother who proposed the idea that "Nick" should compete in bodybuilding under "Jesse's" guidance. "Nick" loved the idea and went to have his first consultation with "Jesse" and they hit it off, Similar interests, goals & work ethic.

 During "Nick's" competition prep they began to speak about how their main goals in life would be to start their own supplement company as well as a gym. Fast forward a few months after the competition (2019), they started to develop and work on "EE Supplements" by getting all the required certifications to make sure they were offering the best quality products for the public. As well as getting all the legal work sorted out. 

 Fast forward to 2020, all the legal work is done and the company is ready to move forward with brand identity. (ex: labels, marketing, social media etc..) As "Nick & Jesse" continued to build the brand and expand the "Team" it was ready for launch time and due to a series of unfortunate events. AKA Covid-19, their launch didn't go as planned.

 Stay tuned, as a continuation to what happened next will be featured in the next blog.


We are the only Montreal based supplement company, and in that we take pride.

This is why you should trust us

- All our products are Third-Party Tested.

- GMP Certified. (good manufacturing practice) This ensures you that our facility is clean and meets excellent working standards.

- FDA Approved. All our products have been inspected by the FDA, this means all our products meet all health & food regulations.



Thank you, #TeamEE 

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