Are you optimizing your recovery?

Are you optimizing your recovery?

Muscular Recovery

What is muscular recovery and why is it important?

Muscular recovery is the process of rebuilding your muscle fibers. When we perform exercise that cause strain on our muscles we cause what are called microtears in our muscle fibers. The process of recovery will allow these fibers to become stronger and more resilient to these tears.

So why is it important?

If we were not to recover properly or adequately we will no be able to "build" the muscle we want, or try so hard to build through our training regiments. Most of our muscle is built in the "recovery phase" not the "break down" phase.

So how exactly do we recover?

There are several ways that our bodies undergo recover. Listed below will be but a few ways our bodies promote recovery for optimal growth!

  1. Hydration: Our muscles are made up of about 75% water, so it should be understood why water is essential. It is important to consume water to maintain fluid balance throughout the day. It is especially important to stay hydrated post workout to help digest essential nutrients, water soluble vitamins and allow in repairing damaged muscle fibers.
  2. Nutrition: Because exercises causes muscle breakdown it is important to have an adequate protein intake in our daily diet. They provide our bodies with the amino acids necessary to repair and rebuild  our muscle tissue. Carbohydrates also play an important role in replenishing muscle glycogen stores (the main energy stores during exercises.)
  3. Avoid Over Training: Our bodies are not machines, we do need time to rest and recover. Taking a rest day or two a week is not a bad thing at all. During these rest days our bodies take the time they need to replenish glycogen, balance fluid loss, repair micro tears. Recovery is just as important as training so make sure you rest whenever necessary.
  4. Sleep: One of the most important factors when it comes to recovery. Sleep is important because it allows our central nervous system (CNS) to recover. Our CNS plays a major role when it comes to muscular contractions and much more. Our bodies also produce some of the most important hormones such as cortisol and testosterone which play important roles in protein synthesis.
  5. Supplementation: An easy way to optimize recover can be through supplementation. A protein supplement such as our Everyday Protein can allow one to get adequate protein post workout to start the recovery process. Everyday protein can also be used at any time during an off day, as we had briefly discussed above, recovery is a process that occurs even on days your are not physically active so it's important to keep the proper nutrition coming in. Another two supplements that can aid with recovery are Everyday Turmeric and Everyday OmegaEveryday Turmeric is great because it aids in combating joint pain & reduces inflammation! Secondly, Everyday Omega complements Everyday Turmeric quite well due to the fact that these provide a healthy source of fat. Fat is beneficial for two reasons in this particular case, they will aid in the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins and they will help with hormone secretion (this will aid in recovery).

These are EE's five basic tips to optimize recovery! We are aware that there are more ways, but optimizing these are a great start and will do you wonders in terms of taking your performance and physique to the next level. 


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